Baby Breastfeeding Tips and Information

Moms all over the world have chosen to breastfeed their babies for centuries because baby breastfeeding is considered the thing to do as a mom. You hear all the stories about how every woman should do it for the experience and how you are stealing something precious from your child, namely the mother-baby bond, if you do not. However, this is often not enough of a good reason to breastfeed for some women. Some babies that are fed on formula have strong bonds with their mothers and many women do not want the experience, so what practical reason are there that go above and beyond that?

Believe it or not, there are so many other reasons for choosing baby breastfeeding over baby formula feeding but very few of them are considered because those exerting pressure on new moms do not think to highlight them. For example, there are at least three practical reasons that are not offered very often. The first is actually the cost. All you have to pay for when baby breastfeeding is the food that you eat yourself. You do not have to buy expensive formula or equipment until you are ready to express milk via a baby pump so that you can do your own thing for a while. As such, the cost is minimal.  Another reason why baby breastfeeding is practical is because of the convenience. All you have to do is get your breast out and your baby can feed. You do not have to spend time preparing bottles or sterilizing them. You have everything you need right there, especially in the middle of the night when the last thing you want to be doing is trying to make up a bottle when you are half asleep.

baby breastfeedingThe final practical reason is because baby breastfeeding does not tie you to your baby 24 hours a day. It does, though, make it much easier to prepare for a night out or day at work. You can just use a breast pump as and when you have time so you do not have to plan ahead. By expressing regularly, you can build up a stock of breast milk, even freezing it for up to eight weeks so that you are ready for anything!

Of course, there are other reasons why baby breastfeeding is a good idea for a mother, and one of them is indeed the bonding element. Breastfeeding can enhance the bond between mom and baby as much as it can help to protect your little one from illness, enhance development and provide everything he or she needs nutritionally. This is enough for some new moms but others need a more rounded picture without all of the pressure that comes with it.

Now you know what the major benefits of breastfeeding are and indeed where the practical reasons for considering it lie. However, it is ultimately your choice. If you do decide to breastfeed your baby then you can rest safe in the knowledge that baby breastfeeding will ultimately tick all of the relevant boxes for you.

When to Begin Breastfeeding

You can begin breastfeeding within minutes after birth. This starts the bonding time between infant and mother. If the baby doesn’t latch on right away have a nurse show you how the baby should latch on to your breast.

The position of the baby has to be right so that baby can reach and get the entire nipple in her mouth. If your nipples are sore for a couple of days the problem may be that the baby is not latching properly. The baby’s mouth should cover the bottom half of the nipple for a proper sucking. If baby is still having problems latching on to the nipple try the breast shield. Do not give up on breastfeeding, eventually the baby will get the knack of it and then you can relax while you are feeding.

When your baby is sucking listen carefully to the sounds your baby is making. You should hear the sucking sound of the milk going into the baby’s mouth followed by swallowing. This is exactly what the baby is supposed to do.

The one golden rule of breastfeeding is to relax. Allow your baby to nurse as long as he desires. It may take from 15 minutes to an hour for the baby to finish feeding. Use that time to relax with your baby, talk to him and continue bonding with him.

Breastfeeding Accessories

Try using a breastfeeding pillow, this pillow is shaped like a capital C. It wraps around the mothers torso and the baby can lie on the pillow in the perfect position for nursing. One of your hands should be behind the baby’s head, the other hand is free.

Don’t make a feeding schedule for your baby allow her to set the schedule. This is called free feeding and you are feeding only when the baby is hungry instead of guessing if he is hungry.

If you find that your breasts leak a lot, you can use nursing pads or sanitary napkins for protection. Sanitary pads can be used for heavy leaking. Leaking is a completely normal part of breastfeeding.

Breast shields are made to teach the baby how to latch onto the nipple correctly. Once your baby has it figured out, you can feed without the shield.

It is a good idea to purchase a breast pump in case you need a family member to feed the baby while you are away from the home. Pumping your breast will keep them from becoming engorged.

Purchase and use a baby sling. The mother can carry the baby right on her chest when she’s busy. The baby can stay in the sling for breastfeeding sessions. This is an excellent way for baby to be with the mom no matter what she’s doing around the home.

Develop Good Habits

In order for the breastfeeding mother to produce perfect breast milk she needs to get into the habit of eating a balanced diet. This means staying on your prenatal vitamins, taking calcium and vitamin D supplements as prescribed by your Obstetrician. The foods you eat should include proteins such as meat and eggs, vegetables raw or cooked, fruits like berries and melons but stay away from citrus fruits. There should be very little fat in the food you consume. You will still be eating for two people so don’t be shy or go hungry. It may help you to eat several small meals a day instead of 3 larger meals a day. This way your energy level will be high so that you can get through the day.

Keep it Simple

In order to keep breastfeeding simple, you may have to purchase nursing clothing. Nursing clothing is specifically made with special panels sewn across the chest area that can be opened for breastfeeding your baby. When you are wearing these clothes you really can’t tell that there is a panel there. These panels can be found in tops and bras.

If you ever have any problems feeding your baby call your obstetrician immediately with any questions. You will also find many groups that have breastfeeding tips from real people.