Breastfeeding Clothes: Convenient And Comfortable

Breastfeeding in public is every expectant mom’s worst nightmare. The logistics are mindboggling, but that is why you should begin to look into breastfeeding clothes options sooner rather than later. There are ways and means to change your own clothing into garments suitable for breastfeeding whether you are at home or out in public so you could get creative. Hints and tips are available in the videos. However, not all new moms have the time or the inclination to cut up their clothing in a hurry so you have one option left – investing in value for money breastfeeding clothes.

Your Clothing Options

There are numerous breastfeeding clothes available to new moms today. For example, many designers specifically make clothes that are designed for nursing moms, all of whom will need easy access to their breasts because of the regularity of feeding times.

Some of these clothes can be incredibly expensive but they are of a high quality and make as much of a fashion statement as a new mom statement. However, there are cheaper alternatives from high street clothing stores if you find that your budget is rather constrained.

No matter what your budget, you will need to invest in a few key pieces of clothing for your wardrobe. You need the following breastfeeding clothes:

  • A Good Nursing Bra – A nursing bra is one of the most vital items of breastfeeding clothes available and an absolute must for all new moms. There is nothing worse than struggling with a bra when trying to feed your baby, aside from embarrassing leakage. The bra you choose must fit well and have absorbent pads that will mop up spillages Removable pads or flaps are essential so that you can literally move them out of the way and feed your little one.

  • Nursing Tops – These are vital breastfeeding clothes if you plan to breastfeed your little one in public. After all, you need to be able to make it as simple as possible. Nursing tops often have buttons or flaps that can easily be removed, opened or lifted. There are plenty of types available so make sure that you are comfortable with those you choose.

  • Nightwear – You will be half asleep for midnight feeds so having convenient nightwear on will help to make life easier. When your baby needs feeding, you can literally give him or her what she wants immediately instead of getting caught up in your nightwear.

Now you know a little about breastfeeding clothes, it is time to go and choose those you like, feel comfortable in and will make your life easier.

Nursing mothers today want to look fashionable and be comfortable at the same time. Breastfeeding clothes are being made by designers who understand the needs of a nursing mom. They answered those needs and designed a whole wardrobe of fabulous clothing for them to wear.

There was a time when nursing clothes were not very attractive or comfortable. There is a whole new market that is geared towards breastfeeding clothes. The designers saw a need and met that need giving nursing women a whole new look that is practical, comfortable and attractive. You have your choice of formal and casual dresses, blouses, tunic tops, pajamas, pants, and under garments. Below you will find several things to look for before purchasing your new wardrobe.


Make sure that the fabric is soft as your baby’s skin will be touching your clothing. Look for cotton fabric or a combination of cotton and another fabric. Cotton jersey fabric or tee shirt material is also very soft and stretchy. The fabric must be able to move with you and not pinch or bind your body. No matter what fabric you choose, make sure that it is comfortable when you’re wearing it. Since you will be breastfeeding in these clothes, it is important to choose a pattern or a dark color. The reason is because nursing mothers have a tendency to leak milk, and if you are wearing a patterned or dark color fabric, the leak is less noticeable to the people around you. This comes in handy especially when you are at work and can’t leave to change your clothing right away. The clothing should be easy to clean, choose fabric that can be easily washed in the washing machine rather than dry cleaning.


Breastfeeding clothing must be practical for the mother. Most nursing tops are constructed with a panel across the chest area where the mother can unhook the panel and baby has instant access to the breast. Take a look at the wrap dresses for easy breast access, these are easy to put on and take off. Most tops and nursing bras have this special panel.

Quality Construction

When you are shopping for nursing clothes, take a detailed look at each piece. Make sure that the seams are even and that the entire piece is well constructed. You are looking for quality construction so that it will last you for the next year at least.

Under Garments

A nursing bra is essential if you are breastfeeding. These bras are specifically made for the nursing mom. The have a special panel that pulls down exposing the breast to the baby. This type of bra should provide excellent support for the breasts during the day. There are two types of nursing bras, one made for day and one made for sleeping. The sleeping bra is supportive and is comfortable to wear through the night. It also has a panel that comes down. Nursing bras are an important part of your breastfeeding clothing wardrobe.

Your wardrobe should also include comfortable clothing for exercising and bathing suits. Most of the blouses, tops, and bathing suits all have the special access panel for breastfeeding.

Maternity and Breastfeeding Wardrobe in One

Many companies have come up with a line of clothing that you can wear through the pregnancy and can be used as breastfeeding. They are specifically created for the pregnant woman who intends to breastfeed her baby. This saves the woman from buying two separate wardrobes which is easy on the pocketbook. As the nursing mother begins to lose weight, the clothing will still fit well and look great on her.

Other types of clothing available to the breastfeeding mom would be things like a poncho or a shawl that goes over the mom and covers her baby so that breastfeeding is discreet. Many department stores carry wraps for mom and baby slings. The baby sling comes in handy while breastfeeding, it gives the mom free hands while feeding the baby. Along with the wardrobe, the mom will need things like a nursing pillow. The nursing pillow is made to get the baby to the right height to nurse, and it is comfortable for the mom and her baby. Nursing pads are needed to place on the nipples to catch the leaking that can occur during the course of breastfeeding.

Every nursing mother wants to look and feel good. Choosing the right clothes is the first step in achieving that. Clothing makes a woman feel confident and beautiful, and now she can have that with the new breastfeeding clothing.