Breastfeeding While Pregnant

Of all the questions that new moms ask, one of the most popular and yet the most taboo concerns breastfeeding while pregnant. After all, it is still considered to be obscene having one baby that is still under the age of nine months old and be pregnant with another. It is considered to be one of those things that used to happen before contraception but you should have your children as and when you like. If you want two in quick succession then that is your prerogative, but should you consider breastfeeding while pregnant?

First of all, it is important to note that it is difficult to get pregnant while breastfeeding because of the hormones released during the breastfeeding process. They are the same hormones that are released when pregnant and thus suppress the releasing of eggs. However, 6% of women not using contraception do conceive during breastfeeding. This is explained further in the videos but it is an important point to make.

Now onto the issue in question - breastfeeding while pregnant.

Should you breastfeed when pregnant? Well, the answer is that it is up to you as to whether you want to or not. However, it is perfectly fine to do so. Women have been doing so for centuries and the human race has not suffered as a result. However, there are an awful lot of myths circulating as to the possible effects of breastfeeding while pregnant. For example, some say that it can bring on premature labor and others recommend weaning right away. The former has no scientific basis at all and the latter is a personal choice. Some mothers do not feel comfortable breastfeeding when pregnant but why break that bond with your baby without just cause?

If you want to try breastfeeding while pregnant then you should do so because your body is absolutely amazing. It is more than capable of maintaining your health, producing milk for your baby and providing the best possible environment for a new life to grow into all at the same time. You may need to increase your nutrition level because many women find that they are hungrier as a result of breastfeeding while pregnant but just being sensible is often enough to take care of all three of you.

The only drawback may be that your nipples become sore and your breasts tender as a result of the combined effect of breastfeeding and being pregnant. However, providing that you take care of yourself, breastfeeding while pregnant will not prove to be a major issue at all.

Many nursing mothers who are breastfeeding discover that they are pregnant and wonder if it is safe to continue breastfeeding. The short answer is “yes”, in fact, breastfeeding can be beneficial to the pregnant mom and her toddler.

One benefit is that the toddler continues to bond with the mother, and the mother with the child. During the feedings the toddler is relaxed which relaxes the mom. When the mom gives birth, the toddler can continue a few feedings a day so they don’t feel like they are being replaced or left out because of the newborn baby.


Women who are breastfeeding while pregnant needs to eat the proper foods to keep her and her infant healthy. The mother needs to continue her prenatal vitamin, and her doctor may put her on a calcium supplement for as long as she breastfeeds. Pregnancy robs the mother of calcium so she may need a little extra. The nursing mother should continue to eat fruits and vegetables along with protein. The raw or cooked food gives the mother’s body what it needs. Generally speaking, when a woman gets pregnant, she usually has a good appetite, so eating for two is not a problem. Keeping the mother on a good balanced diet will ensure that she and her baby are healthy. She may still breastfeed as long as she keeps herself hydrated.

Late in Pregnancy

In the middle of your pregnancy, your breast milk will change into colostrum. Colostrum is a yellowish milk substance that pregnant mothers produce before regular breast milk fills the breasts. Colostrum is filled with antibodies, the antibodies help keep the infant from getting sick.

The colostrum has a different taste and it is thicker than breast milk. Your toddler may or may not like the taste or thickness of the milk and may wean themselves at that point. Drinking the colostrum, milk will not hurt the toddler, in fact quite the opposite, it’s healthy for them.

The needs of a woman who is breastfeeding while pregnant are easy to meet. Breastfeeding pregnant mothers need at least 8 hours of sleep each night and perhaps a nap during the day to regain her depleting energy. If the mother continues to be fatigued, it can affect the production of breast milk.

You may want to consider having a meeting with a nutritionist as they can provide you with a list of proper foods to consume. They can show you how to eat a balanced diet. Remember that you are now eating for three people not two. No matter how many times a day your toddler is breastfeeding, you will always have enough milk for both of your children. The mother needs to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day so she stays hydrated. Being hydrated properly keeps your breast milk flowing.

Tandem Nursing

Tandem nursing is a woman who is breastfeeding a toddler and a newborn baby. She continues breastfeeding while pregnant and continues breastfeeding both children after birth. If nursing both children is just too taxing on your body, it may be time to consider weaning the toddler off of the breast milk but continue breastfeeding the infant.

Weaning Your Toddler

If your toddler has starting biting you or you find that you just have no energy during the day, it may be time to gently begin weaning your toddler off of the breast. Some children get bored with it and wean themselves while others are a bit more difficult to wean. Allow the child to feed a few times during the day. After a few days, cut the feedings down to two, wait a few days and cut it down to one feeding a day. You will probably have to tell the child “no” at some point. By slowly weaning the toddler off the breast, you can tell your child that he is a big boy or girl now. Eventually the toddler will forget about breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding while you are pregnant is a safe practice as long as the mother can handle it. She needs to eat right, keep herself hydrated and get enough sleep. Pregnancy alone is hard on a woman’s body, so as long as she takes care of her body she can do what she wants without worrying.