How Often Should I Breastfeed My Baby?

Experts all offer different answers to the question “how often should a baby breastfeed?”, so who do you believe? If you are confused then you will find some realistic and helpful advice here.


New moms have a huge range of questions and issues that they worry about, but few more than how often should a baby breastfeed. Being a new mom can be nerve-wracking, especially when these questions swirl around your head constantly. After all, feeding your baby too much can cause too much weight gain and not feeding your baby enough can cause even worse problems, such as a low immune system or an underweight baby. So ask how often should I breastfeed? no more. The answers to your queries are outlined below.

The frequency of breastfeeding is one that you should look into and research carefully because different experts and articles provide different answers. Asked how often should a baby breastfeed, many will offer an answer of around eight to twelve times a day at intervals of around two hours. The problem is though that every single baby is different and has different needs and requirements to fulfill. As such, you absolutely have to listen to your baby. He or she will provide you with the answer as to how often should I breastfeed.

There are several do not’s when it comes to how often should a baby breastfeed. The first is literally do not listen to anyone but your baby when it comes to breastfeeding frequency. As stated earlier, every baby is different and no two infants should be compared. Whether your friend’s baby is feeding twelve times or not, if your baby is demanding a feed eight times a day then eight times a day it should be, which leads us onto the next point. Do not force your baby to feed or try to prolong the feed. Your baby will determine how often should a baby breastfeed and how long. If you are worried about the frequency or duration then ask your doctor or health worker about it.

You will find that the question as to how often should a baby breastfeed will have a variable answer over time. As your baby begins to get bigger, the frequency will change so that you find your baby will be breastfeeding less and less until it reaches a level between five to seven times a day. Again, just relax into it and go with your baby. Try to get into a routine as early as possible though because the earlier you get into a routine, the more settled and happy with it you will be.

All of the above information is designed to help you to put your mind at ease. You absolutely have to get into a routine and listen to your baby. They are the key elements to how often should a baby breastfeed and will help you to get it right.